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TVA Non-Nuclear Contractor Training Information

Welcome to the TVA Non-Nuclear Contractor Training Information site. Here you will find information accessible by the general public, by current and future contract employees and contract training instructors and by all others that are seeking general TVA employment information or non-nuclear training information. Access to the TVA computer system is not required for viewing this information.

Coal and Gas Operations (CGO) Site Access Training

The Coal and Gas Site Access Requirements process (CGO-SPP-18.129) provides consistent standards for safe, temporary access to the coal and gas generating sites.

Unescorted CGO Contractor Site Access Training (ATIS #00078306)

Escorted CGO Contractor Site Access Training (ATIS #00078307)


Human Performance (HU) Training

Coal and Gas Contractor HU Training (ATIS #00076300)

Note: This is the Focused HU Tools Training that is designed specifically for personnel that support direct interface projects.

Construction HU Training (ATIS #00079263)

Note: The Construction HU Training is applicable to personnel that support Greenfield/Brownfield projects.


Contractor Safety Orientation

The purpose of the Tri-Lateral Safety Alliance (TLSA) Contract Employee Safety Orientation is to provide an overview of TVA's emphasis on safety, while reinforcing TVA's drive toward “Zero Incidents.” This module is designed to communicate these expectations to contract personnel working on TVA property or property where TVA has a right-of-way.

TLSA Contract Employee Safety Orientation (ATIS #00071573)


Task Specific Training

The TVA Clearance Procedure (TSP 613) defines Authorized Employees as those contract and TVA annual employees who are authorized to perform maintenance activities on under clearance generating plant equipment. This training is designed to educate Authorized Employees of their clearance process responsibilities relative to the color and purpose of the various clearance cards, the personal safety locks that the clearance accountability log (CPAL) provides, pre- and post- job activities of authorized employees, and the basic safety rules associated with under clearance work activities.

Authorized Employee Clearance Training (ATIS #00059196)

TVA/Union Rigging Training Initiative Information

The TVA/Union Rigging Training Initiative is designed to support the qualifying of union members to qualify or report as “work ready” craft contractors. This is accomplished by 1) granting training equivalency credit for designated union hall delivered rigging training; and 2) by training union instructors to deliver TVA rigging courses at the union halls.

Crane Safety (Pendant) (LMS #00059112)

Safe Rigging Principles and Requirements (LMS #00059147)

Safe Rigging Principles and Requirements Retraining (LMS #00059218)

Rigging Program Requirements (LMS #00059223)

TVA Safety Manual Rigging Requirements (LMS #00059231)

Overhead (Pendant) Crane Flagging Practical (non-NPG) (LMS #00081238)

Mobile Crane Flagging Practical (non-NPG) (LMS #00081239)


River Operations & Renewables (RO&R) Contractor Information

This section is under construction.


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